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  • 31/03/2014

    visit of HRH the Prince of Girona

    The Girona-based group consolidates its leadership in the Spanish food industry


    Grup Cañigueral, a Girona-based company leader in the Spanish meat industry, has received a visit from His Royal Highness the Prince of Asturias and Girona in the group's stand in Alimentaria, an International Exhibition of Food & Drink that enjoys world-wide reputation. Accompanied by the president of the Generalitat Artur Mas and other authorities, the Prince spoke with the senior managers of the group, which employs over 1,440 people, mainly in the province of Girona.

    The family company received recognition for its work and activity and consolidated itself as a key player in the Spanish food industry. With a global turnover of 485 million euros in 2013 and a production of 556 million pounds, Grup Cañigueral consists of the Frigorífics Costa Brava slaughterhouse and cutting plant, the first Spanish company that ever obtained the permit to export white pig meat to the United States, Embutidos Monter, a producer of pork and turkey embutidos and supplier of Mercadona, and Coopecarn, a specialised company, leader in the European market for the production of marinated pork, beef and poultry.

  • 31/03/2014

    The Girona Provincial Council and the Chamber of Commerce in Alimentaria

    Today, March 31, was the launch of Alimentaria de Barcelona. The president of the GIRONA PROVINCIAL COUNCIL Joan Giraut, and the president of the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, Industry and Navigation of Girona, Domènec Espadalé, have visited the stand of GRUPO CAÑIGUERAL.

  • 17/01/2014

    Entrepreneurship Awards

    Pimec Girona has entrusted Embutidos Monter to award the prizes in the 2nd Vocational Training Entrepreneurship Competition for the comarcas (districts comprising several municipalities) of Girona, in recognition of the best project in the Middle Grade. The ceremony was attended by prominent authorities, including the regional education minister Irene Rigau.

    The 2nd Vocational Training Entrepreneurship Competition for the comarcas of Girona is organised by Pimec Girona, Foeg, the Girona Chamber of Commerce and the Department of Education. It aims to encourage entrepreneurship among students in vocational training in the comarcas (districts comprising several municipalities) of Girona.

    Narcís Cañigueral, the Embutidos Monter manager, awarded the prize to Gerard Casas, author of a business expansion project focussing on pig breeding and pork production. In his speech, the company manager underlined the importance of some of the values that are present in the project: effort, a passion for the work and perseverance, all of them values that Embutidos Monter also identifies itself with.

    Cañigueral also spoke of the importance of the primary sector and noted that projects like the award-winning one help to inspire other young people to work in an industry that is "tough but with a future if the next generations are made aware of all the possibilities it offers".

  • 03/12/2013

    Incorpora award

    Embutidos Monter, has received the Incorpora Prize from the "La Caixa" Charitable Foundation, an award that recognises the work done by businesses to integrate groups at risk or in a situation of social exclusion into the workplace. To select the winners, the panel took into account the number of disadvantaged people appointed as a proportion of the whole workforce, the profiles of the integrated employees and the average duration of their contracts. Embutidos Monter received its award in the Large Company category, since its workforce is made up of over 250 employees.

    With this prize the "La Caixa" Charitable Foundation recognises the company's labour insertion policy, centred on recruiting people with learning difficulties and mental illness. Since 2008 the company has worked with the La Fageda Foundation, an organised participating in the Incorpora scheme that so far has helped 10 people with these disabilities to join the Embutidos Monter workforce under identical terms to the rest of the employees. The panel highlighted the company's high level of commitment and the fact that it has "gone way beyond the requirements of the LISMI (the Spanish Law on the Integration of People with Disabilities), which makes it mandatory for companies with over 50 workers to employ people with disabilities to form at least 2% of their workforce.
    Miquel Tarradas, head of Human Resources for the Girona company, believes the experience of working with this group is very positive: "They are people with different capabilities but equally able to contribute actively to society. Their presence at our plants has helped us develop the business"

  • 03/06/2013


    INNOVACC, Catalan Association for innovation in the pig meat sector, which Embutidos Monter is associated, has published the fourth edition of the news magazine of the Association, to emphasize the main activities carried out by the company last year.

  • 12/07/2012

    Monter on Radio 4

    Embutidos Monter, a family-run company founded in 1989, features on the latest edition of the programme "Món Rural" (Rural World) on Ràdio4.
    Jesús Riverola, the programme's presenter, interviews the company director, Narcís Cañigueral. During the conversation they discuss the role of Embutidos Monter as Mercadona's supplier, along with the company's growth over the last few years. Embutidos Monter made over 86 million euros in 2011, with plans for this number to grow by 14% this year as the factory expands to employ 265 more people.
    Narcís Cañigueral also talks about the importance of innovation, a key aspect in business today. The company director explains that between 3 and 4 million euros are invested in innovation every year, with the money going towards machinery and new products. He points out that today people look for natural and healthy products, which means that Embutidos Monter focuses their efforts in this area, producing low in salt or gluten free products, for example.

    Click here to listen to the interview with Narcís Cañigueral from Embutidos Monter on the 17 March programme, starting at 16.30. (Catalan)

  • 12/07/2012

    Monter on Catalunya Radio

    Embutidos Monter, Mercadona's supplier for pork and turkey products since 2008, made an appearance on the "Economia i empresa" (Economy and business) programme on Catalunya Ràdio. The programme featured Narcís Cañigueral on the 'interview of the day' spot, which focussed on the director of the family-run Catalan business that supplies Mercadona.
    During the interview they discuss the years of mutual collaboration between Embutidos Monter and Mercadona, and the company's aim to always try to provide innovation and excellence in all their products.
    Embutidos Monter has grown by 15% this year, and now employees 265 people, a number which increases every year.

    To listen to the interview, click on the 8 March 2012 edition of the programme "Economia i Empresa" (Catalan)

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